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The Team

The team at Rank Fantasy Sports is made up of a group of skilled Daily Fantasy Sports players who have been participating regularly on the online DFS platforms for several years now. Having participated regularly, it did not take long to realize the vast amount of time required to not only determine which key stats to track when creating a strategy, but also the time spent every day actually tracking the stats, maintaining the databases, researching additional public resources and reviewing social sites to truly make “skilled decisions” vs “outright guessing”.

It is fairly common knowledge that many Daily Fantasy Sports players will gladly invest countless hours tracking and analyzing their favorite sports, right? But, sadly it also comes as no surprise that time is typically a major limiting factor since most everyone often has to spend more time doing other things like working, maintaining relationships with families and loved ones, as well as any number of other activities and responsibilities. This leads many, 60% of all DFS players, in the direction of finding and utilizing one or more of the existing sets of tools and services like those found on the various Fantasy Sports related sites across the web.

The problem is when you actually dive in and start learning how to use those tools and services you soon realize that you are back where you started from. For instance, you can see with many other sites that offer the tools necessary for playing DFS that the sheer amount of data to process and the number of ways you can manipulate and visualize the data is near limitless. You can easily find yourself “in the weeds” just trying to determine which tools to use, learning how they work, and then you still have figure out how to use the tools efficiently and effectively to get the results you want.

Ultimately we saw the need for a service like Rank Fantasy Sports in the market, one where you only get the data you need to make more informed decisions and that automatically saves time and eliminates frustration.

So, with many long nights and extra determination, we finally started to realize the potential of joining forces to bring together each person’s unique skills thus maximizing our collective knowledge, which brings us to today. Now, we continue to develop our skills and grow together as we continue to establish one of the best sources of winning information available in fantasy sports!

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