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What is "Daily Fantasy Sports" also known as DFS?

DFS is a sports-related game platform that provides players with opportunities to play fantasy sports each and every day. DFS also allows players to compete for money, from just a few cents and up, while testing each player’s knowledge about the sport and individual players against that of other players. DFS platforms are offered on sites like DraftKings, FanDuel, Draft, and Yahoo and there are a variety of formats available for competition.

What makes DFS so interesting, and why are so many people playing DFS?

There are many reasons people are playing DFS, but one stands out in particular. Probably the most interesting aspect of DFS, which studies have also shown this to be the case, that playing DFS makes watching sports even more fun while also giving you the opportunity to win money. That is why studies have also shown that in 2018 there were over 59 million players of fantasy sports in the USA and Canada, and the numbers are expected to continue rising.

What is is a progressive web app, which is a mix between a website and an app you would install from Google Play or the App Store. Basically you visit the site like any other but it can also be visited from any device with a browser, such as a TV, tablet, smartphone, or computer. The app is designed for use by players of daily fantasy sports(DFS) platforms. Specifically, the app is a tool that provides concise and highly relevant data so users can be confident while making far quicker decisions. The app also provides the most relevant data to users so they can make considerably more informed decisions when drafting teams and creating lineups for the DFS platforms. The sports data-analysts at RF$ carefully update their sports data models, DFS platform cheat sheets, and other tools. The stats and dates are updated regularly on a consistent basis providing timely updates. Their attention to detail and unique approach to data compilation has evolved over the years to become one of the key components in helping everyone at RF$ to win consistently. Now, those same sports data analysts provide their expertise as a service to help others, like you, to make more informed winning lineups in less time, and ultimately to help DFS players such as yourself win more & more often!

What does offer that is unique?

The team at$) offers some of the best Daily Fantasy Sports(DFS) information available & for less than $10 per month. RF$ provides unmatched insights and time savings for DFS players specifically focused on NFL, CFB, Tennis, Golf & NBA. Sign up Today & start winning Today.

Where can I learn more about the Rank Fantasy Sports webapp?

Great question, you can watch the video on our home page to hear the$) CEO explain what RF$ is all about, and you can find other videos on

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