There are many reasons people are playing DFS, but one stands out in particular. Probably the most interesting aspect of DFS, which studies have also shown this to be the case, that playing DFS makes watching sports even more fun while also giving you the opportunity to win money

Lets dive in to the strategies we put together to build our winning DFS lineup

  1. Have a way of knowing who you think the best “Pay-Up” or “High priced players are for that night.
  2. Know what games you think are potential blow outs and potential close games
  3. Avoid the stars in the potential blow outs, seek stars in likely close games.
  4. Know what the injuries are for that night – who are the players that are going to get more PT than usual but their price does not reflect the expected rise in usage?
  5. Think about the guys who are projected to get more usage than they usually do tonight, is there a couple of them that are going to be less owned than the others?
  6. If you can get lower owned players that you feel have excellent chances to outperform their pricing, that is a great person to have in your lineup
  7. Be conscious of ownership and pivot off of high owned players when you can but don’t avoid someone who you feel great about just because you think he is going to be high owned. Sometimes you have to eat the chalk.
  8. Play as many of the value players that you are expecting to outperform their price as you feel comfortable with, this will give you the salary relief to target more potential highest scorers of the night.
  9. Follow injury news and lineup news up to tip as much as you can.
  10. That last-minute start that you weren’t expecting could give you the salary relief you need to get that player you just weren’t able to fit in before into your lineup.
  11. Watch the sport that you love to play as much as you can!  At the end of the day, a lot of us are playing DFS because we love sports, so watch your teams compete when you can, you will always gain valuable knowledge stats can’t tell you by watching the games.
  12. Put your players who’s tip times are earlier in your “PG,SG,SF,PF,C” spots and put your later start time players in your more versatile “G,F,UTL” spots.  This allows for maximum lineup flexibility as more news comes out after the earlier tip offs.

Build your winning DFS lineup

Let us show you how we make it easy to win using our stats, strategies, insights, data-viz and an ever-growing list of other time-saving, money-making player ready tools.

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